I read somewhere that we should explore the mysteries that make your eyebrows wrinkle with wonder. That statement has stayed with me, and I try to hold fast to those ideas even though life tries to get in the way. I will put it out there, I’m slightly type A – I like things in their places, I like a clean house, and a checked off to-do list makes me giddy. I fight a lot of “I really need to” to throw everything off and chase adventure.

Earlier this week, a local photographer friend posted pictures of a 40-acre field of sunflowers. I immediately wanted to go but had to finish up work. She informed me morning would be the best time but mornings (actually all workdays) since COVID have been slammed with work. Thankfully, it’s summer, and that means the sun does not set until after 8 p.m. I knew I would be fighting the sun, but I decided to go to the field anyway. The field was a two-hour drive West, so when I ended the workday, I got in the car with my gear and drove. It was exactly what my soul needed – my eyebrows did indeed wrinkle with wonder.

Too many times I don’t say yes to last-minute trips when there are things to do. The thing is there are always things-to-do. That list never goes away. It’s easy to write adventure off as something that only happens on the weekend or a schedule but, when adventure calls, we need to answer.

As photographers to answer the call of adventure, we need to remember a few things.

  • Have a camera with you at all points. A cell phone is great, but a real camera will help adventure call more often.
  • Carve the time for adventure. If your work is not flexible, then get up an hour early and drive to work looking for adventure. Take a different way to work and see what you can see.
  • Since many of us are working from home these days of COVID, make sure you end your day at 5:00 p.m., grab a quick dinner, and go explore until you feel your bed calling. (Be sure to be safe and social distance and wear a mask when needed)

Adventure is out there, but we need to make time for it and when adventure calls chase it. When was the last time you chased an adventure that made your eyebrows wrinkle with wonder? May we all be so lucky


A few images from my drive. I found so many unique sites. I wonderful lake that reminded me of the West coast, the sunflower field, and the biggest surprise was a swamp with bald cypress trees. I’d always wanted to see the bald cypress trees so finding some was a great treat.