I’m reba

creating more with less

i’m a nashville-based creative focusing on developing a creative and minimal lifestyle.

 Blog topics include creativity, minimalism, and photography. Thanks for joining me on this journey.


We are all creative beings.  I want to help you find ways to let your creativity shine through in all aspects of your life.


Knowing what we really need in life is incredibly hard. We are bombarded with tech and digital tools. I want to help you clear the clutter.


Capturing life through the eye of the camera lens has been my lifelong passion. I want to help you on your photographic journey.

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Saying Yes To Adventure

Saying Yes To Adventure

I read somewhere that we should explore the mysteries that make your eyebrows wrinkle with wonder. That statement has stayed with me, and I try to hold fast to those ideas even though life tries to get in the way. I will put it out there, I'm slightly type A - I like...



It's been almost a year since I wrote a blog post. I needed to take some time and figure out the direction I wanted to take. What To Expect I've always loved photography but just blogging about photos I shot was a waste of my time. It did not offer anything. So, I...