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Olympus 7-14mm 2.8 Pro

A few weekends ago I got to play with the Olympus 7-14mm 2.8 Pro lens and I LOVED it! It took a while to get comfortable with just how wide this lens is. It is super sharp and roughly the size of the Olympus 12-40mm 2.8 Pro lens. The front element is quite large... read more

Chicago Saturday Night

Saturday night during the ‘Out of Chicago’ conference I went on a photo walk with Jamie MacDonald and Mike Boening both are Olympus trailblazers and host the Mirrorless Minutes podcast. I had been talking online to Jamie for several years and Mike in the... read more

Thomas Leuthard Photowalk

One of my favorite walks during the ‘Out of Chicago’ conference was my Saturday morning walk with street photographer Thomas Leuthard. It was only an hour long – which was not long enough! But it was great to see his process behind how he shoots and... read more