Latest Notes

Nashville Zoo

I went to the Nashville Zoo this last weekend with a photo conference of Tennessee based photo clubs. It was fun to see people from all over the state visiting. While visiting the Nashville Zoo we had tour guides and they did a small animal show so we got to see some... read more

Local Show with Andrew Peterson

Not too far from my house is a coffee shop called, “The Well”. It’s a great little coffee shop to hang out in, get some work done, and from time to time listen to amazing live music. Andrew Peterson¬†has a series called The Local Show¬†where just as it... read more

Happy Easter

It was a lovely Easter here in Nashville. I spent the morning with a few photographers at the local botanical Garden, Cheekwood. Cheekwood has over 100,000 tulips in full bloom right now. It is absolutely beautiful. It is one of my favorite places to go in... read more

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