Between the Dark and the Daylight

coverRecently I got a copy of ‘Between the Dark and the Daylight’ by Joan Chittister. I had been on a kick of reading books that deal with dark/night so when I saw this book I was curious. Right from the start this book drew me in with its contradictions.  I had not read any of the books by Joan Chittister but since finishing this book I picked up a few of her earlier books.

A few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Life is about participating in the fine art of finding ourselves – our talents, our confidence, our sense of self, our purpose in life. ”

“Risk, the willingness to accept an unknown future with open hands and happy heart, is the key to adventure of the soul. Risk stretches us to discover the rest of ourselves – our creativity, our self-sufficiency, our courage. Without risk we live in a small world of small dreams and lost possibilities.”

If you are into books that stretch your though process and challenge your way of thinking then this is a book I would highly recommend.

I got this book free from It was one I requested because of my own interest.


Natchez Trace

Saturday I went for a drive down Natchez Trace. It was a beautiful day but storms were expected in the afternoon which kept the traffic down on the Trace. Usually this time of year the trace is full of traffic but today I only saw a handful of cars. I drove to a few waterfalls and overlook and enjoyed the wonderful fall weather. If you are in the south and have never driven down the Trace I suggest you take a weekend and explore.

Crockett Cemetary

Every once in awhile you can stumble across a cool little bit of history right under your nose. I had passed this little corner many times but had never really seen this little cemetery. Tennessee has a rich history and this little cemetery has played a part since the 1700’s.

The Local Show 4/21/15

This last week I went to The Local Show here in Nashville. It’s a local coffee shop show with some great singer/songwriters. (See my last Local Show post).  This week was Andy Gullahorn, Jill Phillips, Julie Lee, and Wes King. It was a great show with funny stories, great music, and an awesome venue.

Yosemite – Day 3

The final day of Yosemite. After the long and loud storms the night before I ended up sleeping in later that I thought I would so I missed sunrise but was up right after sunrise. I looked outside my window and saw a fog in the valley. I checked out of the hotel very quickly and skipped breakfast and headed up to tunnel view so I could see the valley in fog.

After watching the fog somewhat lift from the valley I decided to drive back down and walk around in the trees and get some details of the area. I love the smell of pine trees after a rain so I indulged and just walked around until almost noon when I started the drive back to Sacramento.


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