As Hell Retreats Concert Photos

As Hell Retreats Concert Photos

Last night I took my new Olympus EM-5 out for a concert shooting. Concert photography has been one of my main forms of photography for about 18 years or so. I started out with my Nikon SLR and Fuji 1600 speed film and eventually graduated to Nikon DSLR bodies from the 200, 50, 90, and most recently the 7000. A couple of years ago I started reading about this new kind of camera coming out that was smaller and lighter so I started paying attention. Earlier in the year I had purchased a Nikon 1 V1 but ended up getting rid of it because it just did not meet my standards and I thought I was stuck with my big heavy equipment till I started reading about the Olympus OM-D.

I recently purchased the OM-D and have been loving it for street photography and day to day – but would I love it for concert? I loaded up my Nikon D7000 and two lenses and my Olympus Em-5 with two lenses. It took me a bit of time to get used to the Olympus but once I did the Nikon went back in my bag and stayed there…all night!

Here are some of the images I shot. While it is not my best set of concert photography I am pleased with the images and like them enough to really give the Olympus camera a hand on the way it handled a concert setting.

A bit about the setup:

  • No Flash (as in all good concert photography)
  • Olympus EM-5
  • Olympus 45mm 1.8
  • Olympus 17mm 2.8
  • I work at the venue so I was in the photo pit up close
  • Manual mode
  • 1600 ISO
  • The Black and White photos are art filters straight from the camera (grainy film)
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